Chapter 1.1

Before Jiang Yu died, she looked back on her life. The greatest tragedy in her life was not her poor family situation.

Though it was a contributing factor, along with her low self-esteem and cowardice, because of which she married a rich second-generation scum man who only used her as a substitute for his first love. After the marriage, when his white moonlight returned, she was humiliated and tortured endlessly.

That is the biggest failure of her life.

Later as she died miserably, her eyes closed, when she opened them again she found that she returned to the time when she was a dreary seventeen-year old.

Not everyone has the chance to start over again.

At that moment, Jiang Yu stood in front of her door. Her home was in a Tongzilou1 situated in an alley, an old building in the 1980s which would soon be demolished.

However, the luck of getting the high price for her house did not fall to Jiang Yu in her previous life.

Because today was the day, that her aunt came to her house and used 5,000 Yuan to  fool her mother, who was not well educated to sign a mortgage contract.

Many melon eating neighbors are looking over at the spectacle taking place at the entryway of the house.

“What are you still looking at it for? Hurry up and sign it. You can’t read it anyway since you didn’t go to college”

The aunt wore a V-necked embroidered skirt which had slits over the knees, exuding an earthy fashion as she bluffed “Don’t think so hard about it. Isn’t your daughter’s tuition fee for the next semester still short by 5000 Yuan? If it weren’t for the relationship between sisters, would I rush over here to give you the money?”

Jiang Yu’s mother hesitated and said “What are the terms, can I see it clearly, after all, it is such a big thing to mortgage the house.

“Oh neighbors, you be the judge.  Here I am giving money to her family and she is using such words to choke me as if I am plotting against a widowed mother like her! It’s too much, since I am a bad guy, I will leave, as I’m not needed!”

So saying, her aunt took the mortgage papers from her mother’s hand and turned around to leave.

Seeing that the tuition fee was about to be lost, Jiang Yu’s mother was about to stop her.

However, Jiang Yu entered the house in time instead and stopped her mother saying, “There is no hurry.”

Her aunt was sure that her sister would definitely stop her. After all, money can tempt even a saint. Without the five thousand Yuan, Jiang Yu could not continue studying for the second half of the year, but was facing the situation of dropping out instead.

However, even when she was about to cross the threshold, the mother and daughter pair were silent.

Her aunt turned back hesitantly and looked at them.

Seeing that the mother and daughter had no intention of stopping her, she looked sullen and finally withdrew: “Oh! You don’t even have this basic trust when it comes to family!”

Jiang Yu sneered: “What? Wasn’t auntie leaving?”

Her aunt bashfully said: “If I didn’t know that you were short on the tuition funds, would I come to your house with such a sheepish face? It’s just…. These days people who borrow money still need to look down on the person who is lending, neighbors, you have to be my judge.”

The melon eating neighbors who didn’t know the truth, started to yell-

“Yes it’s a good thing that your relative is helping you with money.”

“Where can you get such a conscientious relative, even if you beg for it?”

“Hurry up and sign! Don’t make a fuss, as if money will fall from the sky for you to catch.”

Jiang Yu glanced at the group of troublesome neighbors who were watching with excitement and sneered again: “Since you are so envious, of this kind of good opportunity that will make money rain, why don’t you take out your property documents as collateral and invest in her project?  I won’t stop you!”

The neighbors looked at each other and stopped talking.

“Niece! How can you talk like this? If I didn’t think of you and your widowed mother, would I help you like this?!”

Her aunt then took her mother’s hand and talked in an exaggerated manner about the project. About how good it was, how much money will be given to her—

“I’m a college student, would I lie to you? You do not know anything about investments. Just leave it all to me.”

Her aunt was a woman who did a polytechnic course. This was also her proudest achievement that she always held over Jiang Yu’s mother’s head. And which led to her bragging often about being a college student.

Her mother is the eldest sister in the family, so even though her grades were excellent, her aunt who cried and acted like a baby from the time she was a child, was more spoiled at home. Her grandparents always forced her mother to give things up for her younger sister.

Therefore, she could only give up the opportunity of going to school to her aunt and had to go out and work instead.

Because of her mother’s outstanding appearance, her mother who worked as a barmaid for a long time had a difficult life.

And the aunt, despite having the opportunity to study, went on to get a polytechnic certificate. Later she married a businessman. Although he was from a family of some means, he always coveted what Jiang Yu’s family had.

After all, the elder child in the family should take care of the younger one. This is an idea that her parents had instilled in her head from childhood.

Consequently, in spite of getting a lot of money from her mother over the years, now she came to cheat the mother and daughter of the only house they have ever had.

Jiang Yu won’t let her succeed again.

She didn’t listen to her aunt’s malarkey. She just glanced at the so-called investment contract, and then gave a hard slap to the contract on the table—

“Funny.” There was an electrifying silence and everyone was inconceivably shocked as they looked at Jiang Yu.

“Jiang Yu, what do you mean?”

Jiang Yu raised her chin and said in a cold voice: “Auntie, you really think my mother is uneducated, so you just downloaded a so called investment contract template online, just to cheat my mother out of our house!”

“You…” her aunt flushed anxiously: “What nonsense are you talking about? Who said it was downloaded online?! This is my investment contract. Party A has signed the investment contract! I’ve signed it too!”

Jiang Yu picked up the contract in an unhurried manner, walked to her aunt and pointed at the water mark at the bottom of the right side of the contract: “Auntie, next time you use a fake contract to deceive people, remember to remove the watermark first. It is a good thing that we are family. If you had done it to someone else your academic qualifications won’t help you”

Her aunt paled with anger when she heard this.

Her education was quite good in the 1980s and 1990s and it had always been what she used to lord over her sister, but unexpectedly she was looked down on by her niece Jiang Yu!

She looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief and didn’t expect that her niece who was foolish and worthless every time, to be a different person today, to an extent that she could speak so well!

Not only her, even the spectating neighbors found it hard to believe.

This girl Jiang Yu has a very low self-esteem. Even if she suffers a loss she would just grit her teeth, swallow her words and secretly wipe her tears but has never quarreled with others or argue reasonably.

This aunt who was just dismantled by Jiang Yu became angry. She took away the five thousand Yuan from the table and said: “Just wait and be expelled from the school because you couldn’t pay the fees!” Jiang Yu’s mother also got angry and replied “You want me to mortgage my house for just five thousand Yuan! How devious! Dream on!”

Her aunt became pale with anger and some of the powder from the thick layer of her face fell because of her scowl “I don’t care to explain things to you anymore! You’re uneducated and when I make a lot of money don’t think that I will give even a penny to you mother daughter pair!”

After which she turned and left

However, just as she was about to walk out of the gate, two uniformed policemen came over and blocked her way.

“We have received a police complaint that someone here tried to commit fraud”

On seeing the police, the aunt became listless. She leant on the wall and said in a trembling voice: “Who… who committed fraud?! I was just talking about business with my sister! Who called the police?!

Jiang Yu calmly said: “I called the police.” turning to the police she said “She used a fake contract to try to dupe my mother into signing over our house. For the specific details, I request the police officers to take her to the station for interrogation so that she can confess.”

The police directly took her aunt away. Her aunt fought desperately as she screamed, “No! I didn’t! I didn’t cheat!”

Seeing her resist so strongly, the police immediately handcuffed her and escorted her to the police car in the full view of everybody.

It wasn’t enough to call the police but Jiang Yu needed to teach her aunty a lesson so that she would know that from today onwards, she and her mother will not be bullied by her anymore.

1- a 3-6 story apartment building designed with shared kitchen and bath rooms, in short a commune


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